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It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, as I’m sure it has been for everyone. The dojo has now transitioned to all online classes. The classes have actually been great, Zoom is an awesome tool and I feel we are getting better and better at running them this way.

If you have been joining in these classes already then you will know how exciting and engaging they are. Over the next few weeks you will see these continue to evolve as I become more adept at both teaching in this format and using this technology. If you haven’t tried them yet, log on and give it a go.

Thank you everyone for your fantastic support, I really appreciate all the messages, emails, texts, Facebook posts and phone calls. Knowing that I have all your support, that you love the online classes and that your benefiting from them being available motivates me to deliver the best I can. Thanks.

All regular classes can be accessed by this link or use Zoom Meeting ID: 403 282 159

Dojo closed – No classes Good Friday to Easter Monday Hope you all are able to enjoy this time. Look forward to seeing you all back in the dojo after the break. No classes Friday 10th – Monday 13th, classes resume Tuesday 12th April.

Junior Classes Starting after Easter the junior class times for Tuesday will be changing. This is to allow us to focus more on the syllabus required at different levels. You are encouraged to do more than one class. So if your a yellow belt you can do the Yellow + class then the White + class as well.
Partner training We are also introducing a partner training class. For this class you will need a training partner, this can be a sibling, parent, child or someone else staying with you.
4:10 Junior Green +
4:50 Junior Yellow +
5:30 Junior White +
6:10 Weapons class
7:00 Partner training.
7:35 Meditation

White belt Class Starting after Easter the white belts will have their own time on a Friday.
Black belt Class the black belt class will run at the same time as a ‘breakout class’ so both classes can run at the same time in separate rooms.
5:20 All Dragons 4-7
6:00 All graded students blue belt and above + Dragons adv blue and above.
7:00 Junior and Senior white belts
7:00 Black belt class

The classes have been working okay so I have decided to only change the Tuesday and Friday classes and then see how they work before making decisions on other classes. In doing this I’m using two different strategies, one is to have more classes for different levels at different times. One is to use break out rooms (only just discovered this was possible) so I can split the class and use assistant instructors. I want to keep things as consistent as possible and not be swapping and changing too much, right now I’m learning a lot about this format of teaching so want to trial what is best rather than making lots of changes then deciding I need to change again. Thank you for your patience with this, I’m really enjoying the challenge of teaching online and want to come up with a format the delivers the best possible outcome for everyone.   

When: 7:30 Thursday 9th April.
Who: Senior Green belts and above + Junior Black belts.
Instructors: Kyoshi Paul Ceberano, Shihan Vincent Busuttil, Shihan Malcolm Ayles
Meeting ID: 659-268-178 (note this is password protected you should have been sent password if not contact me).
This training session will be open to Kyoshi Paul’s and Shihan Vincent’s students as well as those from our dojo. The goal is for everyone to come together and share what we love which is karate. The is a great chance to train under two of Australia’s best known instructors, both of who I have known for many years. We will each be running around 20 minutes of the class. 
 There is no extra charge for this class. We are planning on running other training sessions together and for each others members in the future, this is just the first one.

I have spent hours on the phone and online talking with both Kyoshi Paul and Shihan Vince over the last few weeks. I think out attitude and the motivation for starting these training sessions is summed up perfectly by something Kyoshi said in a group call yesterday. 

This is a brotherhood, working together and supporting each other we are building a bond that will last for decades.

Warm up and stretching by doing our regular warmup, then some kicks and some more stretching you will get great results. Click here for Video
Elbow combinations this will get you working on your elbow strikes while getting the heart rate up. Follow up the previous video with this one if you like for a great all round workout. Click here for Video

Junior class this class was recorded last Tuesday and was the first time Senpai Macey has helped out with the classes like this so it wasn’t perfect but thought I’d share it with you, can play it and join in to do a class outside class times. We will be doing lots more recording of training sessions for you to practice outside class times. Click here for Video

There will be lot’s more content I will be putting up:
<1> These will be getting posted in the members section of the website, you need to login to access this area. Your login is initially set to email address we have for you at the dojo and the password is your login number. If you can’t log in email me and I will reset your password and email address.
<2> We will post links, competitions and information in general on the facebook Shiryodo Karate Members group. If your on facebook you should join this group.  


FEES: from Easter moving forward we are shifting to a 2 fee structures.

$17 per week – basic plan
– up to 2 age / belt level classes a week
– access to self paced learning video’s for syllabus.

$29 per week – unlimited plan
– unlimited age / belt level classes
– once a month 10 minute private review
– access to self paced learning video’s for syllabus.

All members, additional free content
– training sessions with guest instructors and other clubs at no extra cost.
– bonus classes Meditation, others such as stretching, fitness workout still to be determined.

Family discounts: of 25% for 2nd member, 50% for 3rd and 75% for any extra still apply.

You will be automatically transferred over to one of these plans. If you were doing one class a week you will be put on our basic plan, all other memberships convert to our unlimited plan. 



We had some problems with our NBN connection which lead to our video being slow, lagging and dropping out… unfortunately it proved very challenging to get support, the Philippines is in lock down so are all the call center staff for our previous provider. As a result I changed providers so that I would have 4g backup with our new provider until the problems were solved. In the process of changing over the dojo phone number (03) 5241 5345 has stopped working, please contact me on 0425 762 705. We also have a problem with our automated emails not being able to send, which is why you haven’t got any for over a week. Will look at alternative for sending bulk emails until we can get this sorted out. Unfortunately we are not the only people with problems, many people are having issues, call center staff are all working from home or locked down and so we can’t get support for these problems at the moment. This has been very frustrating but am working around these obstacles as best as I can.

Shihan Malcolm.

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
The question I constantly ask myself is how can I help this person... what can I do to empower them, help them focus, help them become the best they can be.

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