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Shiryodo Karate has two new Sensei’s, Sensei Sandra and Sensei Cynthia. The final two parts of their promotion were a six hour examination on Sunday 4th December, followed by their presentation of several required elements and doing a concrete tile break at the presentation evening on the 10th of December 2016.

The first part of the examination on the Sunday was a 3 hour examination of the 1st and 2nd Dan black belt syllabus. Both demonstrated an excellent knowledge of this.


sensei3 sensei2

sensei1 sensei0


The 2nd part was a 3 hour in depth examination of their insight and teaching knowledge. During which they had to demonstrate their teaching of various elements of the syllabus to the black belts present for their grading. Both also did this to an extremely high standard, showing a thorough knowledge of the syllabus and how to teach it. Sensei actually translates as teacher, which is why at this level there is a large focus on not only their own knowledge and ability but also on their insight and ability to pass this knowledge on to others.

sensei4 sensei5

sensei6 sensei7

Then on Saturday the 10th December at the Annual presentation night / xmas party they had to present several different elements. The applications to one of the Kyu grade kata, a demonstration of their choice, some bo work and then finally a break of 2 concrete tiles. Both again did an excellent job of each of these elements. The official part of the evening finishing with them being presented with their Third dan certificates in from of the 180 or so people present.

The final requirement of Sensei Sandra and Sensei Cynthia third dan promotion was to break 2 concrete tiles. I was also planning to do a break this evening as part of the demonstrations, but then I had a problem, I wanted their breaking to be the final event for the evening, but then when I thought about it I didn’t want them to break after I had just done my break. So in the end decided to have the three of us do the breaks at the same time. Having these two people that I care deeply for walking the path beside me for many years now doing the final requirements of their sandan promotion by my side left me happy beyond what words can express. It was a great way to finish not only a wonderful evenings demonstrations but a great promotion by both of them.


Well done to Sensei Sandra and Sensei Cynthia, proud to grade them both, proud of the people they are and proud of the example they set in the dojo.

OSU Shihan Malcolm

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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