Tim, 12 and going for Black Belt.

Road Rage Incident Inspires Karate Journey
Three new Black Belts

I have been practising karate for 5 years now and I’m about to go for my Junior Shodan promotion. However before I do, I would like to acknowledge how Shiryodo Karate has helped me and what I like about it.

Firstly, every lesson I participate in is always different. In my opinion this adds a certain level of excitement and fun to the junior classes which keeps students focused and cheerful. I also regularly attend Wednesday Kata class which is primarily focused on improving your technique. Even though I have only started this class recently it has already had a big impact on my ability.

The Shiryodo Karate community is warm and welcoming. Over the years I have made numerous friends that help make lessons more enjoyable. All the Shihans, Senseis and Senpais are all very qualified and have taught me so much. I am proud and grateful to be a part of this inspiring group of people of all ages and backgrounds at the dojo.

Shiryodo has shaped me into the person I am today and I cannot wait to go for my junior black belt grading.



  1. Dylan Barrow says:

    Good luck Timmy! You always have good spirit and have worked hard, all the best mate

  2. Adam luscombe says:

    Great testimonials guys! Watching you grade yesterday and training with you is always inspiring and loads of fun. I look forward to ousing you as Sempai’s! How freaking good is Shiryodo karate and how lucky are we?! …very!