Black belt


NAS round 1

Congratulations to Sensei Cynthia and Andrew who were the only 2 competitors from Shiryodo at the National All Styles Martial Arts Tournaments today. Sensei Cynthia managed […]

Karate Helps With Anxiety

Shiryodo Karate is helping me beat performance anxiety. I joined Shiryodo after spending three years watching my son grow and develop his skills to brown belt. […]

Karate more than half my life!

My name is Macey I’m twelve years old. I started Shiryodo Karate when I was six years old, I have done Shiryodo Karate all throughout my […]

Two get junior Black Belt

Two of the students in the youth program promotrd to junior black belt this weekend. This is how they felt about Shiryodo Karate in the leadup […]