Senpai Cynthia cleans up at NAS nationals

Three new Black Belts
Not once did I feel judged

The National All Styles (NAS), Australia’s largest tournament circuit had it’s national titles in Melbourne at MSAC on the 26th & 27th of November. This was a huge event with over 400 competitors, 2 black belts represented Shiryodo Karate, Senpai Cynthia and Senpai Kendra, both had great weekends.

Senpai Cynthia came 1st in the Open weight point sparring division, 2nd in Black Belt Kata, 3rd in continuous sparring and was part of the Victorian women’s sparring team who came 2nd in point sparring. Senpai Kendra didn’t place in her individual divisions but was part of the Victorian Junior girls sparring team who came first.

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What Senpai Cynthia thought of the tournament.

From the first, the Martial Arts standards were set at a high bar for the 2016 Nas Nationals. There were cheers and tears, triumphs and pain, but the outstanding pride throughout was the good will and sportmanship. The coaches and referees turned the weekend into amazing memories and achievements that stay with you for a lifetime! Yesterday I brought home 2 trophies and a medal and today, added another, but the real honour was competing with Australia’s best. Osu!

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