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Ruby doing a break at 2016 breaking seminar

Newtown Primary school was having a talent contest so Ruby decided to do a board break. Ruby has been doing Shiryodo Karate for 3.5 years and recently graded to brown belt. First she had to do an audition where she broke a single board then she broke 2 boards in front of 400 students. Getting up in front of that many people is not easy, well done Ruby.

Interview with Ruby:

So Ruby why did you decide to do a board break?

Because most people didn’t know I do that sort of stuff.

What did your friends think of it?

My friends thought it was amazing, they didn’t know I could do it.

How did you feel doing the break?

I was really nervous because there was lot’s of people watching.

Would you do it again?


Is that the hardest break you have done?

I always get really nervous when I’m doing breaking. I’ve tried to break 2 boards twice before but that was the first time I have broken them.

Ruby's previous attempt at 2 boards.

Ruby’s previous attempt at 2 boards.


Osu Shihan Malcolm.

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Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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