Ruby – Junior Champion 2019

Grading July 2019
Melissa – Female Champion 2019

This year after 6 years competing in the annual Shiryodo Karate tournament Ruby Barrow won the junior female champion title, accumulating more points across the divisions she competed in than all the other junior girls. This was also testament to how persistence pays off.

As her dad, Senpai Dylan said “Yes she did do extremely well. Last year she got close to winning the title but just missed out. This was her 6th year doing the dojo tournament. The first four years she did not place in any event to win a trophy, which was hard for her but she kept competing finally getting the big one.” This is an important message for a lot of people to take on board and one that I see happen all the time. It’s not those who initially do well but those who persist, keep trying, practice more who become really good and achieve the most.


What did you like best about the tournament? For me personally, I liked the point sparring best as that is what I train the hardest for as it is my favourite type of sparring and is always my favourite division. I also liked that today the tournament was well organised and time efficient this year.

What practice did you do before the tournament? Before the tournament I started going to extra Karate classes and made sure I was going to the Tuesday night sparring class and the Wednesday night kata classes every week, I also practiced my kata the night before the tournament.

If your going to the next tournament, what will you work towards? I will work towards breaking more boards as this year I feel if I had practiced it since I had last done it 2 years ago I would have done better. I will also work towards calming myself and not being so nervous because in future events I will do it would help if I wasn’t stressed out about messing up.

Why did you decide to go in the tournament? I decided to go into the tournament as last year I really enjoyed it and I wanted to support the Dojo by going.

What do you like best about karate? At karate I the thing I like best is how I can learn to defend myself in a positive environment, I also like how everyone is so supportive of you, kind to you and will help you in your learning. I love how easy it was for me to make really great friendships at karate, who help me with my training.

Have you done the tournament before, if you have how did you go? At my time being at karate I had done the tournament for five years before this year, the first four times I didn’t win ant trophies but I was resilient and kept trying and training hard. Last year was the first year I won any trophies, after all my training and practice I came 1st in kata, 1st in point sparring and 3rd in continuous sparring.

What are your goals for the future in martial arts? In the future with my martial arts I have two goals, the first is that I build up my strength and stamina more by training so I can do even better in things like the tournament, the second is that I try hard to get my black belt within the next few years.

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