Road Rage Incident Inspires Karate Journey

From Taxi Dad to Black Belt Candidate.
Tim, 12 and going for Black Belt.

To start off my story I need to take you back to where it began and one day I was coming home from work and was already in a bad mood, and I had a guy come right up behind me and nearly caused a accident, because I was already in a bad mood I stuck my finger up at this person as I let him past me. He was not impressed with my gesture so he thought it would be a good idea to slow down and follow me home. Once I got out of my car he also thought it was a good idea to tell me about my road rag even though he followed me to my house. It was a situation that I was involved with but was also not in the wrong however I felt I was not able to protect myself and this scared me very much. This is the story that started my karate career as I thought that this is something I need to fix.

I thought in my head that I needed to become more aggressive, however it didn’t take me long to realise that this is not the answer. The answer is that I needed to be more in control of my emotions and not get myself into silly situations. I have never been an aggressive person and I don’t think I will ever become an aggressive person; with karate I think I have become a more self-assured person and a lot more calm in high pressure situations. I feel that I am a much better person to my wife, my Son (who has come along during my karate time) and to my friends.


I also feel I need to add this as before starting karate I had problems with addiction and thought that I had control of my issue. In my head I knew something was wrong but was unable to admit this to myself and that it had control of me. I tried to stop many times with no success. I was lost and had no idea that I was so far gone. Karate came at the right time for this in my life because I was able to get my fitness back and to meet new friends who showed me that I was a good person and people did want to be around me (I hope anyway). It gave back the love to learning new and sometime difficult things and also the love I have for helping people. Being back in a team environment was the best way for me to leave my old habits and I was able to stop without much effort it just seemed to happen. I truly believe that karate helped me shake the worst issue in my life. And it’s something I will never forget.


I love the changes I have gone through over the last 4 and bit years. I feel like I’m going to be a better husband and most of all I’m going to be a much better dad. Having my son has changed my life so much and I believe if I was not able to control my issues then it would be my son who would have suffered. My son is my world and now that I am as calm as I am now means that I don’t fly off the handle for the little things and having a child there is so many little things you need to deal with. I want my son to do karate and I know this might sound weird but I think I’m going to make him do karate. I don’t want to make my son do much but I think karate is one thing I will push. I don’t need him to do it is whole life however the lessons you learn at karate are so huge to someone’s life. I look at all the kids at the dojo and all the kids who make it to the higher belts are by far some of the best kids I know. Their attitudes towards themselves and others are exceptional and I want that for my son. I believe the best way for my son to go through this is to do it with me. I want the best for my son and I really believe karate will be a great start. So I have set myself a goal;

My goal is to be a Sensei by the time my son gets his junior black belt.


It’s also funny that when I started karate I thought that getting your black belt was the end game and now I know that it’s not even close to the end game, it’s only the start of the game. I had no idea how big a deal karate would become in my life.

I have a full tattoo sleave of my karate life and it’s a tattoo I wear very proudly. I don’t think many people know this but I have had it unfinished for a couple of years now and once I get my black belt is something I will be able to get finished. It’s a funny little issue I have and it’s that you have to wait for things. So I made a deal with myself to have this tattoo unfinished until I made my goal. The other funny side to this is that I’m a very start to finish kinda person so it has been hard for me to look at this tattoo knowing that it is unfinished however it reminds me every day that I need to stay on track to finish my goal.


I’m a very much routine person and karate has been the best fit for me and I am forever grateful. I am also for ever grateful of how karate has changed and moulded my life to help me become the person I am today. I have more self-respect for myself and have a much greater meaning to life now. I love the way I deal with things now and also how I treat my family and friends.


Thank you Shihan Malcolm for guiding me through this time of my life. I also need to thank all the Black belts for letting me into their life’s and helping me. I could never put into words the feelings I have for our dojo. I can only hope that I can live up to you guys and maybe help the next line of people.
Thank you everyone and please know this is not the end for Chewy..

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