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PURCHASE: 2 Intro Classes with Uniform for $29

+ enroll and start after intro and train for free until 15th FEB 

LIMITED time only.

STEP # 1 : Pay for intro program. 

STEP # 2 : We will contact you to organize your first introductory class. 

NOTE: Intro classes resume 17th Jan 2018 

STEP # 3 : Come to your first class. 

We are supplying a uniform and you don’t need any footwear. Simply come along 10 minutes before the scheduled class time so we can organize your uniform.

For 4-7 year olds they will be joining a regular class with the other children who already do karate. Those in the 7 and above age group will be doing a semi-private lesson that takes them slowly through some of the basics of karate for their first class.

If you have any questions just call us on (03) 5241 5345.


Shiryodo means ‘The way of Compassion’, our karate was named this to reflect the unique philosophy that drives everything we do. Our focus is on how we can help each and every person achieve their best. 

All our instructors live by this philosophy and it’s what makes Shiryodo the unique place it is, it’s what drives a lot of the benefits so many people experience when they come to train with us. Let us know how we can we help you and your child.

Shihan Malcolm
Head instructor.


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