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Our last photo competition got a great response so we are running another one. This time we are giving away 4 Shiryodo karate t-shirts with matching face masks plus one person will get $50 off their training fees. 

For this competition you must submit a photo with you in the photo in your Gi doing a karate technique and one of the images we have below on your TV, computer, tablet, phone or other devise also in the photo. Winners: we will load all pictures to Facebook, the two pictures with the most likes will win a t-shirt & mask. Da and I will pick two pictures we think are best and these will also get a t-shirt & mask. One of these pictures will be getting used for out advertising, if your picture gets selected you will win the $50 credit to your training fees.


 Roundhouse kick –

Side kick –

 Reverse Punch –

 Fighting Stance –

 Punch –

Images are also uploaded in a youtube clip as for some devices it may be easier to play this than to load a picture.




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Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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