Sensei Michelle Denham

Michelle has trained since 2002 and received her second degree Black Belt in 2011. Sensei Michele often assists with daytime classes and is always happy to assist students with their training.


Sensei Sandra Schmid

I started my karate training in 2007, primarily for fitness, but have gained so much more than I expected. After being told my chronic back issues limited my fitness options, I was delighted that my chiropractor green lighted my desire to take up karate and I have never looked back. Not only do I rarely visit my chiropractor now but karate has become such an integral part of my life that I hope it to be something I will continue to practice for decades to come.

Besides the many physical fitness aspects of training, I love the philosophy behind the origins of martial arts and how those beliefs translate into an ethical code that is practiced at our dojo and which emphasises respect, appreciation and compassion. I also love that my fellow students include people of all ages, backgrounds and skills with opportunities for large apparently disparate groups to share their training and support one another.

When I began teaching I did not expect the experience to be so rewarding or that, as a teacher, I would learn so much. While I learn different things from teaching different age groups and skill levels, I have to admit to a special fondness for the Dragons, our four to seven year old group. While the Dragons keep me on my toes, always alert to the need to be flexible and change or abandon the lesson plan depending upon what that day’s group of children need, it is amazing to watch the massive growth in concentration, patience, co-ordination and focus of these youngest karateka.

Third Dan promotion


Sensei Cynthia Weggelaar

I started my training in 2007 for a variety of reasons: health, fitness, self-defense, and self-confidence. Throughout all my years at Shiryodo Karate, I have enjoyed all aspects of training offered achieving more than I ever thought possible. I was honored to receive my black belt promotion in 2011. I not only have a dedicated understanding of the basics, but have been privileged over the years to assist with and run many of the classes for juniors and seniors. As a qualified teacher from Foundation to Year 12 employed in replacement teaching, I am fortunate to have that added knowledge gained in education for my classes.

I have been highly motivated since 2008 to compete in our dojo tournaments, the National All Styles (NAS) Tournaments Melbourne, and the Arnold Classic Australia (World All Styles Organisation) Tournament. My highest achievements of all awards that I remember with amazement were: Shiryodo Female Grand Champion of 2012, 2013, 2014, NAS National Champion Female Continuous Sparring 2012, Arnold Classic Australia (WASO) Female Black Belt Heavy Weight Point Sparring Champion 2014, and NAS National Champion for Senior Creative Weaponry 2014. Consequently from spending many years in the tournament arena, I saw all the effort that goes into the circuit and wanted to give something back in return. Therefore, I stepped up and trained under the Australian Referees Board as an Official since 2010 reaching a Level 3 standard to judge at the NAS competitions.

Third Dan Promotion 2016 National Titles


Sensei Carolyn Goonan

Graded to Sandan 22 May 2021

Training in martial arts is an amazing journey, and people train for many different reasons, some because they want a break from their work/school, some to meet other people, many just want to sweat a little, learn a little self-defense, be a little smarter, or simply just have a good time.   To me it is all about personal growth, development and learning.

I always feel that I leave the dojo with something new every time I train. I attribute this to good teachers who offer constructive comments which help me improve and feel good. And when you feel good, you do good.

I was a bit older when I started training, and I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to learn new things, or be able to ‘keep up’ and do some of the things that younger students do.  Once I actually started training, all of the senior grades welcomed me with open arms and helped me develop my techniques and skills.

From the time I started my training, I have been able to work and develop at my own pace, and I feel safe and supported at all times. I am so thankful that I had the courage to step inside the Dojo and begin my training.

When I help other students with their training, I think about how I feel when I get positive feedback, and keep this in mind when I share what I have learnt with them.

If I am instructing or explaining a technique to another student, I always demonstrate what I am doing, and use proper technique.  I lead by example.

I adapt my teaching style to suit the way they learn.  Not only does this help them, but it allows me to further develop my skills and techniques.

Although I don’t teach any regular classes at the moment, I help out around the Dojo as needed, and am only too happy to assist my fellow students develop their martial art skills, and I am grateful to be able to play a part in their personal journey.

I encourage anyone who is curious about martial arts and Shiryodo Karate to come along and give it a go.  You may be surprised at the results…

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Sensei Connor Lourey

Graded to Sandan 22 May 2021