2 Life Changing Karate Classes

+ Uniform

+ enroll and start after intro and train for free until 15th FEB

Only $29

Treat yourself and your family with a gift that’s truly priceless…

The only full time Karate center in Geelong, classes 6 days a week from a purpose built facility.

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For just $29 you will get 2 introductory lessons in your own martial arts uniform and belt.

Then if you decide to continue you will be training for free until the 15th of February on our special back to school offer. Get in quick for maximum value:

You or your child will be Getting:

  • ✓ Expert training in Shiryodo Karate
  • ✓ Confidence as you begin to do things you never thought possible
  • ✓ Motivation to keep going and learn even more
  • ✓ Determination to reach each and every goal
  • ✓ Mental and physical strength and…
  • ✓ Weight loss, tone and flexibility!

Adam: Karate at Shiryodo is very much a family affair. My youngest daughter Maya (6) is a member of the dragon’s class, Charely (10) participates in the Junior class and I line up in the senior squad. All of us really enjoy the social events at the dojo. Tournaments, movie making, Halloween and Christmas parties, the girls really enjoy hanging out with the friends that they have made at the dojo. The bubble of the dojo is one of positivity, acceptance and fun.  I enjoy my karate at full throttle and embrace the whole syllabus whereas others may enjoy the more holistic elements of the training and embrace kata or self-defence.


There’s never been a better time to start than now

⇨ Crime is growing
⇨ Obesity is soaring
⇨ Heart disease, stroke and diabetes is on the rise
⇨ Depression is on the increase
⇨ Bullying is spiralling out of control.

Don’t let you or your child be one of these statistic’s. We help people become the best they can be, we give them the tools and confidence to get past the challenges they are facing and those to come.

The only full time Karate center in Geelong offering classes 6 days a week in a purpose built facility. We deliver great results to all ages 4-Adult, no past experience needed.

Questions? Call us on (03) 5241 5345


Laura Smith: My son has recently completed his first grading, progressing from a white belt to a blue belt. The confidence I’ve seen grow in him since starting Karate with Shiryodo has been fantastic.
Shihan Malcolm and his team of instructors bring a vast array of knowledge and discipline to each class. The time and commitment they put into all students is clearly visible as I’ve now seen recently after attending a Grading Day.