Nervous 4 year old to black belt

Madi at WKO headquarters, Thailand
Karate has helped me build Confidence

I have been doing karate at Shiryodo since I was just 4 years old. Like most 4-year old’s I’m guessing, at that age I didn’t see the importance of karate. I think I just thought it was a bit of fun. Now that has all changed. I see how karate can be helpful. It has helped me in ways like making me feel safe, especially school. I once got punched at school and I just let it be. Now I feel like I can stand up for myself. If I could go back in time to that situation, I would know what to do. I could stand up for myself and that is all because of Shiryodo Karate.

Karate has also helped me outside of school. I used to struggle to even go to the supermarket because I was worried. So, karate has also helped with my anxiety too. I am now fine to go anywhere and do anything and feel protected.

The thing that I love most about Shiryodo Karate is being able to make strong friendships with others. In the time that I have been at Shiryodo Karate I have made many friendships with not only the juniors but the seniors as well.

I also just like the good feeling of being at Shiryodo Karate. It makes you feel involved and like you mean something, which you do. For example, when I was 4 and I was just starting karate, I was a bit nervous. Being in dragons, Sensei (or back then Sempai) Sandy was my instructor. She really helped me get down all of the basics that I needed to know and still know and use today. Having a bit of fun with a game in the earlier years was always good too. It felt like it was a reward after a class of dragons or juniors to have a game.

Also, when I was going from dragons to juniors it was easy. I remember Sensei Cynthia really helped me settle into it. One more great part about Shiryodo Karate is the help. Like right now Sensei Sandy is helping me and other advanced brown belts to get prepared for the grading. I really appreciate that. It has helped me get a refresh of my terminology and techniques. So, I would like to thank Sensei for taking time off to do this to help us.

By Archie Bee.

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