NAS State Titles 2016

Shiryodo Karate – Sparring Contact
Three accepted for Black Belt grading.

Competitors from around Victoria made their way to the Darebin Sports Centre last Sunday, for Round Three of the State National All Styles Championships (NAS). It is an event which brings together the communities of various Martial Arts styles in the region. Styles included Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Silat, Hapkido, Tai Chi to name just a few. The atmosphere was a buzz with excitement, with many competitors hoping to qualify to represent Victoria at the National Championships, which will be held in Melbourne next month.

The day started with the official bow in and at the conclusion, the events began with weaponry demonstrations which included Extreme Creative weaponry, as well as Traditional. Energy filled the stadium as junior competitors displayed their finally tuned skills to lively pop music, entertaining spectators. The seniors were equally impressive, showing control and discipline of their weapons.


Senpai Cynthia doing Kata

Synchronized Forms followed weaponry demonstrations, as individual competitors formed teams of three, in a bid to take out this highly competitive event. This was the only event where male and female competed directly, in which the female team took first place.


Alex Point Sparring

Experience showed in the veteran’s division. Students had the opportunity to watch, as their mentors showed no signs of slowing down. Strategies were tested, as competitors were pushed to their limits in this physically demanding event.


Eddy Point Sparring

The Female Forms as always, was captivating as a spectator to watch. Competitor’s showed no signs of nerves, with each Kata being executed with precision and confidence. Although an event dominated by more traditional styles of karate, there was a variety of techniques that were similar and still very unique in execution. Senpai Kendra struck the perfect balance between graceful movement and strength, as she performed her Kata with great proficiency, to place first in the 16-17 years division.


William with Kancho Jim Casey and point sparring winners.

The Female Point Sparring and Continuous Sparring events were hotly contested, with competitors using their strength and stamina, to complete each round as strongly as it began. With many up close encounters, this gave the opportunity for competitors to utilize techniques displaying their flexibility to execute difficult movements in a limited physical space. In a very exciting deciding last round, in the Female Continuous Sparring event, Carly and Senpai Cynthia battled for first place. The skill & experience of Senpai Cynthia cemented her dominance as State Champion.


Senpai Kendra doing point sparring

The Male Forms events were a diverse display of movement and rhythm; from flowing delicate movements, to floor shaking foot stomps. Both junior divisions and senior divisions were highly competitive, with many participants already very experienced at a young age. In Alex’s first appearance at NAS, he performed Pinan 5 with great skill and composure. He only narrowly missed out on placing, in a field of very talented competitors.


Luke doing kata

The Male Point Sparring and Continuous Sparring events were highly intense affairs. The large number of competitors meant that many hard and intense rounds had to be won to get a final placing. In the novice division, Mark dominated to achieve first place in Point and Continuous Sparring.


Senpai Cynthia and Carly sparring in the continuous sparring final.

In the final event of the day, Luke continued to stay mentally and physically composed to take second place, after several tied rounds. As competitors became fatigued and emotions ran high in the latter part of the Continuous Sparring event, it resulted in a number of warnings, as contact became heavier and passions flared.


Senpai Kendra with Shihan Malcolm after receiving trophies.


Senpai Kendra – Forms (16-17yrs), 1st Place in Point Sparring (16-17yrs) and 1st Place in Continuous Sparring (16-17yrs)

Carly –  1st Place in Point Sparring (5th Kyu – 1st Kyu) and 2nd Place in Continuous Sparring (5th Kyu – Black Belt)

Senpai Cynthia – 3rd Place in Forms (Black Belt), 1st Place in Point Sparring (Black Belt) and 1st Place in Continuous Sparring (5th Kyu – Black Belt)

William –  2nd Place in Forms(16-17yr), 1st place in Point Sparring (16-17yr)

Eddie – Competed in Forms (16-17yr), Point Sparring (16-17yr) and Continuous Sparring (16-17yr)

Alex – Competed in Forms (14-15yr), Point Sparring (14-15yr) and Continuous Sparring (14-15yr)

Mark – 1st Place in Forms (10th Kyu – 6th Kyu), 1st Place in Point Sparring (10th Kyu – 6th Kyu) and 1st Place in Continuous Sparring (10th Kyu – 6th Kyu)

Luke - 2nd Place in Continuous Sparring (5th Kyu – Black Belt)

Congratulations to the Shiryodo team on their great success again in Round Three, with many of our members becoming State Champions. The competition was of an exceptional standard across the divisions, with those missing out on a placing, only doing so by the narrowest of margins.

Note: the NAS National championships will be in Melbourne on the 26th and 27th November, come along and support those from Shiryodo competing. The NAS will need some people to help with various tasks on this weekend, if you would like to help see Shihan Malcolm.




  1. It was great to see everyone giving there best efforts on the day. It was actually surprising to see just how well they did,Especially the lower grade students. It was a long time between events for most people which was hard but couldn’t really be helped. I don’t train to compete but the people who injoy it get a lot out of it. Very proud of all the shiryodo team especially Carly Vesty.

  2. I love the article! The emotions of excitement and tension for the drive to become champion are so clearly described. I can only agree with how well everyone went. I was only fortunate to see some of our Team Shiryodo compete; Alex, Carly, and Luke. I could only be impressed by their display of accuracy and strength in their techniques. Even when competition looked fierce Alex was so calm and collected that his kata and sparring showed great skill.
    I got to only see Carly come up against the Black Belts in Continuous Sparring. This is one of my usual favourite events that I love to compete in so I know that you can so easily face elimination in the first round. I am always thrilled to have other members from my own dojo in the same comp as me because I rarely ever get that opportunity to share in the thrills and spills of the such a great adventure. However I’m nervous knowing that their training is as good as mine, ha ha ha :)) As a Green Belt I could see Carly knew the odds were against her. With bravery she faced each round to give all she had to spar her opponents, and one by one they lost to her clean display of touch contact with a large variety of techniques and footwork around the ring until it was only the two of us facing off for first place. I thought it was so awesome…I felt chuffed to be sparring it out together like we do at the dojo, but I knew I couldn’t relax. It was such a good bout.
    I saw Luke win round after round with his strong strength in sparring, as I was one of the judges on his ring. I always know how hard it can be to display my technique rather than my strength in the events, and in the mens’ sparring divisions this is usually the case. For Luke, you could see his war between wanting to go hard with full body power, but when the refs reminder to show technique rather than strength came, I saw him change. He relaxed trusting in his training and execution. This saw him let go of the supremacy of strength and his execution and accuracy became sharper and clearly pronounced. As a judge this display made it incredibly difficult to determine the winners as he came up against many experienced Martial Artists. Finally it came to the last match. With so many past bouts both competitors were plainly exhausted, and yet they fought valiantly. He lost only to a very well know Black Belt Jean Vega. Wow! The Nas State Titles this past weekend was a true testament to the vast skills of all styles that are out there. All of the competitors and those who were there to support and share in the Glory made for an unforgettable Championship. Osu!

  3. Extremely proud of how everyone went. Some fantastic results but seeing everyone display great sportsmanship and competing with honor is what really makes my day. Great report as well Carly. Osu Shihan Malcolm.