NAS round 1

NAS 1997 a Tournament I’ll never forget
Madi at WKO headquarters, Thailand

Congratulations to Sensei Cynthia and Andrew who were the only 2 competitors from Shiryodo at the National All Styles Martial Arts Tournaments today.

Sensei Cynthia managed to win all her divisions. Experience and years of dedicated training as well as lot’s of great results in the past don’t make this a surprise at all.

Andrew (Yellow belt) was competing for the first time and managed to get a first in point sparring. In the continuous sparring he was up against some very experienced black belts and didn’t manage to place. He also entered the forms (kata) division but didn’t manage to place. If you want to do well you need experience, the only way to gain experience is to enter…

If you didn’t make this tournament but think you might like to compete the next National All Styles tournament is on the 26th of May. Entry forms will be available at the dojo prior to this.

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