Nana Korobi, Ya Oki

Black belt reflection
Karate is perfect for me

Nana Korobi, Ya Oki (Seven times fall down, Eight times get up)
Some history and influences that has lead me on the martial arts path, was from a young child starting at 13 training Taekwondo that helped with controlling my anger issues and releasing what strength I had and how to defend myself also to give me a better sense of pride in myself, to the styles of Soma-Kai and Kito Ryu Jiu- Jitsu that help me both with fitness and my work as a security guard and crowd controller. To finally Shiryodo that has helped me and my family in so many ways over the last 5/6 years both physically but more importantly mentally and for this I have to say how I started at Shiryodo and what it now means to me.

My son has autism and part of that is his control of his anger we as a family investigated different ways to help him with this and as martial arts had helped me in the past, we looked for a club that could help. We told of the special needs program that Shiryodo had and booked Jarrad into this which he loved and because of this and my own need for my mental health and fitness with dealing my depression I also joined for myself and to try and make a better connection with my son and help Jarrad with his training. Unfortunately, my son stopped his training but as I was getting so much out of my own training I continued and now it is hard not to train as it has become such important part of life. Shihan Malcolm and all the teaching staff as well as other student will always have my great respected for what they have taught me and the positive environment both for social, professionally the club is.

This is a big influence on me as I will do my best to pass on what has been taught to me and out of respect for those who taught me. Shiryodo has be the most positive thing for my own mental health as it made me focus on the here and now while training, the use of the physical work for my health and to help focus any frustrations that have built up into a healthier way of dealing with it. I do have personal issues with confidence in myself and can be hardest on myself. All the instructors have helped with this and have always supportive while teaching me pride in my-self and helped me realise the strengths I have.

Through the teaching of Bushido that is shown during classes l feel that I can use these in all areas of my life become a better listener and teacher and these gifts have also followed me on to other areas of my life such as work where I am a calmer and relaxed person who now can except what is, is and don’t look back but learn and then move forward. I still have a lifetime to learn and continue to grow within myself and only hope I can give back to those who come after me, may that be my kids/family or others looking for help.
Osu Glen Roubicek.

Glen graded to black belt on 27th June 2020

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
The question I constantly ask myself is how can I help this person... what can I do to empower them, help them focus, help them become the best they can be.

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