Sanbon Tsuki 1
This pattern is learnt as the first kata in the 4-7 year old classes. It gives them a basic pattern to start with that we build on in getting them learning kata.
Taikyoko Sho
This kata is only practiced in the 4-7 year old classes. It builds on the sanbon tsuki kata learnt at orange belt by this age group. For the younger children the turns in the traditional first kata Taikyoku 1 are difficult so these 2 extra kata are intermediate steps for them.
Taikyoku Sono Ichi (number 1)
First basic kata learnt at Shiryodo Karate.
Pinan 2
Pinan 2, learnt at Senior Yellow, Junior Advance Yellow & Dragons Green
Basic blocks
Basic blocks
Kihon Kumite 1-7
Combinations in fighting stance aimed at developing effective movement for sparring.
Taikyoku Nunchaku Kata
The first kata learnt in the weapons class when learning nunchaku
Yonjugodo kiba dachi
Geki Sai Dai Kata
Geki Sai Dai, learnt at Senior Adv Yellow, Junior Advance Green
Kihon Kamae Waza
Learnt at Senior black belt and Junior Nidan
Weapons class bo kata
Self defense combinations against kicks
Learnt from Green belt but only tested when going for black belt.
Yakosoku Kumite 1-4
Start learning number 1 at blue belt
Basic self defense with the class