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Well done to everyone who graded in this months grading. Nearly half of those grading where white belts doing their first grading, a clear sign of how many new students there are in the dojo at the moment. Those grading to blue belt are now able to do some of the classes other than the basics classes they have been doing. Although it’s still an option to keep doing the basics classes you should try to make it along to some of the other classes when you can to ensure that you learn all the syllabus for your level as some things are not covered very often in the basics classes, due to the emphasis on basics in these classes.


This month there was only 2 dragons grade, Erin and Tommy, both getting their junior belts as they have both started attending the junior classes. Both are doing really well in making the transition from the Dragons to Junior classes. This showed at the grading with both displaying an excellent standard.


In the main grading there where 9 seniors and 15 juniors, with all ages represented. As for levels it was almost all white and yellow belts with 1 green belt. Very unusual for there to be no blue blets, sure this is going to mean that the last grading for the year will be packed with blue belts.

Was great to see lot’s of people working together practicing in the lead up to the grading. Before and after class and before the grading I noticed a number of people getting together practicing and helping each other with their kata and self defense, even some of the white belts. When we work together and help each other like this everyone benefits, sometimes those just starting feel like they would be imposing asking someone for help, never feel this way, everyone who trains knows how challenging our training is so are always happy to help others.


Well done everyone.

There are pictures from the grading on Facebook and Google.

Osu Shihan Malcolm.

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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