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My name is Macey I’m twelve years old. I started Shiryodo Karate when I was six years old, I have done Shiryodo Karate all throughout my primary school years, and now into Secondary School. I was in prep when I started, soon I will have been at this dojo for nearly seven years. That’s more than half my life!

When my dad first suggested I started karate, I will admit I didn’t want to do it, so dad said he would leave the subject for a bit. Not long after that, I still remember having a bad dream one night, that scared me! It made me want to start karate for some reason I can’t remember why, I think it was so I could fight off the bad people in life, so the next day Dad and I went and checked out karate. I remember Dad talking to Shihan and I was watching the class that was on, I remember seeing the gi’s and instantly not liking them I thought they looked really weird and funny. Actually I have grown to like mine.

In the end I still joined, over the years I have seen many people come and go but I have always stayed. I still don’t know why I stayed, I guess I just came, I still enjoy it , probably more than ever, I guess it has just became part of my lifestyle and my extremely busy week. Now I feel ready to go for my black belt because, I am ready to learn something new, especially because I have been on this belt for so long now, I am ready to face another new challenge.
Another funny thing was that seven years ago Dad said he would join karate at the same time and we could do it together, that promise is overdue by over six years – how disappointing and his lame excuse was that he has no time, so my little brother comes too.
In my years at the dojo I have met some really nice people, who have given me the confidence to perform in front of other people that I did find very scary, this has also helped me at school and with my other sports.

I think my parents and I have quite a strong relationship. I would think that even my whole family and I do. We all have a really strong relationship, we all get along well, as I said it was my dad who suggested I did karate to be honest I don’t think I would have ever thought of starting karate if it weren’t for my family. Dad always said when I was little I wasn’t allowed to stop karate until I was a black belt. I still would have done karate all the way to my black belt, and beyond.
I think what surprises me the most is that people quit in the early belts when they have hardly learnt anything at all, just basics. It has so many skills that I will use for the rest of my life, and it’s not a sport that I will be stopping.
If I succeed on getting my black belt, my goal is to keep on going up the the ranks and getting more super cool and snazzy gold stripes on my belt ✈if I get it✉ because I will get to learn more things and stay fit, but also the more stripes, the better.

Thanks you for reading my essay

Macey Devlin

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Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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