2 Intro classes + uniform $29

    Learning Shiryodo Karate is not only a great way to get fit and improve your general health and well being, its also a lot of fun! On top of this Shiryodo Karate provides a positive and supportive environment which helps to improve self esteem and confidence. Our students, both young and old experience success, achieve their goals and become motivated, self-disciplined and happier in the process.

    Senior 14-Adult

    A traditional karate program that will get you fit, flexible and confident you can defend yourself.

    Youth 7-14

    Karate designed to develop confidence, self discipline and respect while teaching your child how to defend themselves.

    Dragons 4-7

    All the benefits of traditional martial arts adapted for children from 4 – 7 years.


    Learn traditional martial arts weapons, nunchucks, Bo Staff, sword and kali sticks.

    Self Defense

    Short self defense courses for those who want practical skills.

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