Halloween at the dojo

Illumination of the path to growth.
NAS 1997 a Tournament I’ll never forget

With the dark red light and Halloween decorations… as well as lot’s of people in costume the dojo really did look spooky. So spooky it was too much for one little girl. Took Monica a lot of reassuring to stop her crying… ‘it’s too scary’ she told us…
but once she overcame her fears she had a lot of fun with all her friends.

When it came to the best dressed competition Radbeh won after a fantastic Micheal Jackson dance impersonation to match his costume.
The adults weren’t to be outdone however and many of them also came in costume.

Events like this are great fun and also a good way to get to know the people you train with every day.

If you couldn’t make this event try to make the next one…

Osu Shihan Malcolm.

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
The question I constantly ask myself is how can I help this person... what can I do to empower them, help them focus, help them become the best they can be.

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