2 Confidence building Karate Classes + Uniform

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The only full time Karate center in Geelong, classes 6 days a week from a purpose built facility.

Hear from the kids why they like it.

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How to Empower your child and stop worrying if you’re giving your child the best start in life possible…

Dear Friend,

If you’re a parent in the Geelong area and your child is experiencing any of the following:

* Suffers from Shyness
* Lacks Confidence
* Has poor Coordination
* Not focused and easily distracted
* Getting bullied by other children
* Anxious and reluctant to participate
* Angry and lashing out.
* Doesn’t enjoy team sports or activities

If you see your child experiencing any of these, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I speak to hundreds of parents every year who have these problems with their children.


Laura Smith: My son has recently completed his first grading, progressing from a white belt to a blue belt. The confidence I’ve seen grow in him since starting Karate with Shiryodo has been fantastic.
Sensei Malcolm and his team of instructors bring a vast array of knowledge and discipline to each class. The time and commitment they put into all students is clearly visible as I’ve now seen recently after attending a Grading Day.


They see these problems start small and continue to get worse as time goes by. They know that if they can’t turn it around it will effect their child’s school results and their ability to make friends and be happy. Then as they get older they are less vulnerable to peer pressure and avoid a lot of the problems that parents fear most. 


Parents see their children grow in confidence, start making better decisions and leading a healthier more balanced life. They start to excel at anything they try, school grades improve, as does their behavior and ability to make friends. And you have a great opportunity to share these benefits with your child too!

Our introductory program is filling quickly, act now to avoid missing out.

Shihan Malcolm
Head Instructor.

The only full time Karate center in Geelong offering classes 6 days a week in a purpose built facility. 

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