Grading to black belt at 10

How Karate Changed My Life
Illumination of the path to growth.

Ever since I have started karate I have noticed that I have improved on my fitness, strength, concentration and other sports like basketball, football and cricket. Karate has been a big part of my life because I started when I was four and now I’m ten, that’s six years of karate and I also had my tenth birthday party at the dojo with all my friends in April this year.

I have always been nervous in front of a crowd of people when the focus is on me, but going to the tournament I have overcome that fear. I didn’t know anyone when I started until I met some really nice people and I know whatever high school I go to there will be friends from karate. Lately I have been helping the dragons on Saturday mornings because I remember others kids helping out me when I did dragons as well. Karate has many social events like the Halloween party, movie making, Christmas party, breaking seminars and the tournament that I love and try and attend.


Max is going to be going for his black belt on the 11th November 2018, he will have been training at Shiryodo Karate for over 6 years, having started at 4 years old.

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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