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Shiryodo karate was a hit at this years Geelong After Dark

Geelong After Dark is an artistic exploration of the heart of Geelong. Held annually, the night is about entering and embracing the unknown. You are invited to discover the laneways, hidden spaces and cultural buildings After Dark. Experience interactive art; street performances; installations; music; exhibitions; projections – and more.

Shiryodo Karate in collaborations with the Acabellas choir performed in the Geelong City Library. The demonstration of powerful kata to the beautiful vocals of the Acabellas was both exhilarating to do and a hit with the audience. Well done to all those who came along and made this such a success. Was great to see quite a few Shiryodo students in the Audience as well.

Well done to all those who participated in this event. We are hoping to do similar collaborations with the Acabellas in the future. It’s always exciting to do something new, so if you didn’t participate in this event keep your eye out for the next one. There is also always opportunities for people, including children to perform at our end of year demonstrations and party.

Osu Shihan Malcolm.

Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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