Self defense


For those who want self defense and only that we offer short self defense courses. This 8 week course will introduce you to some skills and stratagies that will significantly improve your ability to deal with any situation where you need to defend yourself.

The basic’s we will teach you:

  • Clear boundaries: Know your will, what can / should / are you prepared to do. By being clear about what you will do in what situations you avoid having to make potentially life defining decisions in the heat of the moment.
  • Managing confrontation: we will teach you what to do if someone is becoming aggressive or threatening to manage the situation keeping yourself safe.
  • Strikes: the simplest and often most effective response to an assault is often to fight back. We will teach you have to throw effective kicks and punches in order to defend yourself.
  • Improvised weapons: kicks and punches may not be enough, often attackers pick smaller, more vulnerable victims. We will teach you how to use things you commonly carry, pens, keys, mobile phones, sunglasses and other objects effectively to defend yourself.
  • Breaking Free: we will teach you what to do against common attacks where someone is seizing hold of you or strangling you.
  • Getting up: if someone gets you down on the ground or is pinning you down, we will teach you how to get them off and get back to your feet.

These 8 week courses are open to anyone 13 years or older.  Once you have completed the course you then have the option of following it up with self-defense classes we run weekly.

Next Course

4th October to 22nd November. Tuesday evening at 7:50 – 8:50


$160 (fortnightly payment option available). Bring a friend and 2nd person gets 50% off (2 for $240).