From Thailand to Shiryodo black belt

I grew up in a small farming community in Thailand, as a child I use to envy the children whose parents didn’t have farms as they […]

Why I enjoy Karate at Shiryodo – Dan (13)

In 2012, when I was 9, I started karate with my brother Noah. When I joined, I was of course nervous at first, but I got […]

Two New Sensei’s

Shiryodo Karate has two new Sensei’s, Sensei Sandra and Sensei Cynthia. The final two parts of their promotion were a six hour examination on Sunday 4th […]

Three new Black Belts

Black belt grading are one of the highlights of any Karateka’s journey, they are also tough, the black belt gradings at Shiryodo Karate are no exception […]