From being bullied to black belt

On the 30th of May 2011 I started training at Shiryodo Karate. I had trained for a short time as a kid at Seido karate. I […]

Kung Fu kid to Karate black belt

My journey begins a long time ago in a county far far away, I was 4 years old and a prep at Milby Primary School, Nuneaton, […]

Karate a Family Affair

Karate at Shiryodo is very much a family affair. My youngest daughter Maya (6) is a member of the dragon’s class, Charely (10) participates in the […]

Trying for black belt at 67

Shiryodo karate lies south of Grovedale on the Torquay Road. I’d driven past it heaps of times. And yet, just seven years ago, I started attending […]