Brodie – Junior Male Champion 2019

Melissa – Female Champion 2019
2019 Dojo Tournament

This years Shiryodo Karate annual tournament  Junior Male champion is Brodie Elphinstone. The title grand champion goes to him for accumulating more points across the divisions he competed in than all the other junior boys. Brodie had been doing a lot of extra training leading up to the tournament, really polishing both his kata and weapons kata. The extra practice he had been doing really showed, the kata division he won convincingly with a significant margin to the next competitor. In the weapons division he managed to beat senpai Connor by a narrow margin, despite him being a senior Nidan and Brodie only being a Junior Shodan. He also won the points sparring division for a clean sweep of all the events he entered.


What did you like best about the tournament? I like the challenge. I enjoyed versing people that are higher that me to compare my shill level.

What practice did you do before the tournament? The 2 Monday’s before the tournament Sensei Cynthia would help me with my nunchucks, which gave me good feedback so that l could get better. I practiced Seienchi every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and  Thursday to make sure that it was perfect.

If your going to the next tournament, what will you work towards? I will encourage other it with me, because I went out of  my comfort zone and got Grand Champion. I want to tell people that they can also win bragging rights by beating senior-grand champions, and just now good it feels.

Why did you decide to go in the tournament? Other that the awesome grand-champion trophy I wanted to show the little kids that they can work towards something. I had the exact same inspiration when  I was first starting.

What do you like best about karate? I liked the discipline and respect that I learn. I enjoy having people teach me so that I remember it, and then I go and teach others. I also enjoy a little healthy competition from my fellow black belts, like the other Senpai Brody and I have  always Been competing.

Have you done the tournament before, if you have how did you go? I did 2 tournament before this one. I got 3rd in both of my events (kata and weapons kata) in my first year ,and got 3rd in weapons kata and 2nd in kata the second time.

What are your goals for the future in martial arts? My goals are to help other get to where l am now, by teaching them what I know so that they can be better and teach other.  I also wish to be a Sensei before the end of my teen years.

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