Breaking Seminar 2017

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Knowing you can fight back.

One of the highlights of the year at Shiryodo Karate is always the annual breaking seminar. This gives everyone at the dojo the opportunity to come along and learn about the art of Tamashiware, breaking.

For the first time this year the younger children, 4 – 7 years also had a chance to participate with their own session before the main seminar. All the young boys and girls who attended this managed to break a board and had a lot of fun.


Then in the main seminar 40 participants of all belts and all ages managed to break boards, some also breaking concrete tiles. Breaking is both confronting, as you strike a solid object and empowering as you succeed.


Here are some video highlights of the evening.

There are more pictures on Facebook and Google


Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
The question I constantly ask myself is how can I help this person... what can I do to empower them, help them focus, help them become the best they can be.

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