2022 Tournament

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The 2022 tournament was a huge success with 119 competitors putting 385 entries in the events offered.

Well done to all those who entered and competed. This tournament was an ‘All Events Champion’ format, meaning that rather then being awarded trophies for results in individual events, trophies were awarded for overall results from all events. We used this format during COVID to enable competitors to be split into groups then everyone in the group competed in events to determine their place in the group. This enabled us to keep the number of people needing to be there at one time to a minimum. However the benefits of this format were that everyone was acknowledged for their effort and what they achieved.

Senior Male and Female champions, Andrew and Shannon

With the current tournament everyone was still split into groups acording to their experience (belt level) and age but could now enter any events they were eligable to enter. This meant that although for kata they would be competeing against mainly those in their own group, for other events they would be competeing against others the same age in different groups. Some events such as the board breaking saw competitors from many groups compete against each other. This makes the management of the event particularly challenging so I developed a custom database to manage it all.

Junior Male and Female champions, Hunter and Lilly

There were however some technical difficulties, our wifi router decided to stop working, leaving a couple of the computers set up for the day unable to connect and be used. Then there was also a problem with the application I’d developed and it wasn’t correctly totalling the scores from all events. So on the day I put together a quick work around to determine the winners while dealing with everything else happening. This did however mean that the places were just worked out by adding together all the points from all the events a competitor competed in (not the top 3 results + 10% of the 4th as was originally planned). This did still however give a fair result and enabled the trophies and places to be awarded on the day. The following link gives all the actual overall places as they would have been calculated had we not had problems along with the places each competitor got in individual events. Tournament Report

Overall very happy with how things went. I did underestimate how long people would need to wait for their presentations, both because of technical problems we had but also due to how having people entering various events impacted overall run time for different groups. This meant some people had to leave before trophies were awarded, next time we will know to tell people to allow more time.

The other thing we will do differently next time is also have certificates for each competitor with their overall place in the group, all the events they competed in and the places in these listed on it. Which is essentially the same information in the report above. Having everything managed the way we are and all the results being directly entered into the database means we will be able to produce these to hand out with trophies on the day.

Next year I will be aiming to have the tournament in the first half of the year and then encourage those who participate to enter the National All Styles tournament cuircut which has 4 events in Melbourne each year. Unfortunately this year the only remaining event is the state titles which you need to have qualified for, so can’t compete if you didn’t in earlier rounds. The date for this will be announced right at the start of next year, hope to see you at the next event. Osu Shihan

The photo’s we took at the tournament are now all uploaded to facebook

After further review of the results from the tournament we realized that in a couple of cases there were competitors who had finished toward the end of events, 4th out of 4 competitors for example when other competitors might have finished toward the top of divisions 6th out of 25 competitors but the competitor finishing 4th/4 got more points for this result than the competitor who got 6th/25. So we have made further adjustments to how scores are calculated, taking into account the relative place of competitors not just the overall place, this corrects this. We won’t be changing anyones results for the tournament as the results were valid and correct based on how we were awarding points, this did however turn out to be more complicated than was anticipated and so in future will use this updated scoring method. For the current year the results would have been almost the same for most divisions, but not all. Modified results.

How the points are now being calculated for each event… way more complex than was initially planned.
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