2019 Dojo Tournament

Brodie – Junior Male Champion 2019
Connor – Male Champion 2019

The annual dojo tournament is always one of the highlights of the year for those who attend.  This years tournament was on the 4th August and saw a record nur of entries. With 65 competitors and what seemed like over 100 spectators the atmosphere in the dojo was electric. Everyone got behind those competeing cheering them on and congratulating their success. This year we had three rings running which meant there was always lots of action for people to follow… this will be the format Shihan will be using for future events.

The day started with kata, as usual there were a lot of nerves, getting out in front of everyone and doing a kata can be a daugnting experience, especially for those doing it the first time. There were some great performances. The winners of the kata divisions were:
Senior Black belt Kata : Connor Lourey
Senior Green/Brown Belt Kata : Christopher George
Senior Blue/Yellow Belt Kata : Shaelyn Taylor
8-14 Brown/Black Belt : Brodie Elphinstone
8-14 Yellow/Green Belt : Chloe Marriott
8-14 White Belt Kata : Walter Elkington
7 & Under Blue or over Kata : Isacc Smith
7 & under White/Orange Belt Kata : Noah D’arcy
Weapons Kata : Brodie Elphinstone


The next event was Sumo, this is a favorite event for all the children 10 and under who can enter. It’s also one that the spectators always get right into as the young kids put in a great effort trying to get eachother to fall or out of the ring. Like alwasy there were a few kids who have gotten pretty good at the take downs for this which always gets a cheer from those watching. The winners for the Sumo were:
Sumo 4-5 years : Max Morgan
Sumo 6-7 years: Ned Marriot
Sumo 8-10 years: Malin Spear


When the Sumo started, the point sparring was also going on during Sumo. The Adults and kids sparred against their age groups and had alot of fun.  For the winner of point sparring were:
Male Points: Dylan Barrow
Female Points: Melisa Donaldson
15-17 Males: Connor Lourey
11-14 points Males: Brodie Elphinstone
11-14 points Female: Ruby Barrow
10 and Under Point: Patrick Devlin

After we had Point sparring, we moved straight into Continuous with the Juniors and Seniors sparring with their age groups, The winners of the Continuous Sparring were:
Male Continuous: Andrew Vilaisopaku
Female Continuous: Gemma Heatley
Junior Continuous Male: Max Merriott
Junior Continuous Female: Violetta Gilbert

Next we had the Juniors compete in Jumping side kicks which is very entertaining to watch and is very popular. The winners of the Jumping Side Kicks were:
Jumping Side Kick 12-15: Dan Griffin
Jumping Side Kick 10-11: Violette Gilbert
Jumping Side Kick 9 and under: Ethan Filer

The last event to finish of the day was Breaking, its has always been exiting for those participating and those watching for a long time. the winners for The Breaking were:
Breaking Senior Male: William Stansfield
Breaking Senior Female: Clair Summer
Breaking Junior: Max Klemke

The Grand Champions for the tournament each year are decided by the competitors that accumulated the most points across the events they compete in.
This years Grand Champions were (click link to read interview with them):
Senior Male: Senpai Connor Lourey
Senior Female: Melissa Donaldson
Junior Male:
Brodie Elphinstone
Junior Female: 
Ruby Barrow

All the pictures from the tournament have been loaded to google for you to see or download. TOURNAMENT PICTURES



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