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From being bullied to black belt
Monks at the Dojo

Two of the students in the youth program promotrd to junior black belt this weekend. This is how they felt about Shiryodo Karate in the leadup to the grading.

I started karate at Shiryodo when I was nine and fairly small. I am still small for my age but I know that I am stronger. Learning karate has given me strength and discipline and taught me perseverance. It hasn’t all been easy but I have been given lots of encouragement and support at Shiryodo to do my best. Shihan and the Sempais are always happy to help me especially working towards my black belt grading. Learning self defence has given me confidence to stand up for myself when I don’t like the way other kids treat me.

I have enjoyed weapons training, beach training and movie making days. Breaking seminars were fun. I didn’t think I could do it but I surprised myself! Shiryodo has taught me that respect is earned. Respect is given to senior members and with each grading I have felt that respect given to me. Learning karate has made me stronger physically and mentally too.

By Will

Shiryodo karate is Shiryodo karate is CARING

This is how Shiryodo karate has helped me.

C – Confidence  (Gives me confidence for everything I do)
A – Ability (Helps improve my ability to learn new skills, self defence, listening and learning)
R – Respect (Respect the higher ranked belts as well as the lower ranked ones.  This respect crosses over to every day life)
I – Indulge  (I love martial arts so it allows me to indulge in this sport.)
N – Nurturing (Training is in a kind and caring environment with excellent instructors / teachers.)
G- Good spirit (Everyone is helpful and patient, you walk away feeling good about life.)

By Alex


Malcolm Ayles
Shihan Malcolm Ayles
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