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Doing something really challenging, pushing yourself to the limit and at the same time raising money for a great cause that helps sick children… win, win… Well done to everyone who was inspired to participate.

The 100 fight challenge is a biannual event at Shiryodo Karate. Every second year we raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital – Good Friday Appeal. One of the great challenges in martial arts is the 100 man kumite where you do 100 fights, all against fresh opponents. In this challenge those participating all fight each other for 100 rounds, which is a grueling challenge and pushes everyone participating.


Each round is 1 minute 30 seconds with a 25 second break between rounds then a 10 minute break every 20 rounds… which means the challenge takes 4 hours to complete. This year was the 4th time this event has been run, it’s also the 4th time some people have done this. Fantastic to see people come back doing this multiple times, not sure who completed the first event but Senpai Glenn, Dylan Barrow, Adam Luscombe and myself have all completed the last 3 events.

100r_4 100r_5

100r_6 100r_7

This year the highest fundraisers where Senpai Dan and his brother Noah who raised around $800. The total raised this year was a record $3227 which is a fantastic result. If you couldn’t make it to this years event don’t worry we will be doing it again in 2019.


Osu Shihan Malcolm.


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